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David St-Onge holds a PhD in mechanical engineering, space robotics, from the University Laval, Canada supervised by [Prof. Clément Gosselin]. His masters degree from the [Robotics Laboratory of University Laval] on the modelling and robust control of a cubic blimp was followed by a FRQNT-Team grant for which he then coordinated three universities’ collaborative efforts. In between these diplomas, he worked 7 years in the field of arts (theater, museums and circus). He was the production director of the Prisme 3 stage set workshop, then a development engineer for a media art Montreal-based production company and a freelance engineer for visual and performing artists. Out of interest he also completed a master in project management at [ESG UQAM] and a certificate in Russian studies at University Laval. He authored more than 20 peer-reviewed publication in the field of robotics. Since 2016, he is a post-doctoral researcher at [MIST], a robotics laboratory at [École Polytechnique de Montréal] under the supervision of [Prof. Giovanni Beltrame].

- Contact me by email: <david.st-onge AT SPAMFREE polymtl DOT ca>

- Have a look at my personal website: **http://davidstonge.info**

[Robotics Laboratory of University Laval]:http://robot.gmc.ulaval.ca/

[Prof. Clément Gosselin]:http://www.chairs-chaires.gc.ca/chairholders-titulaires/profile-eng.aspx?profileId=47

[ESG UQAM]:http://esg.uqam.ca/


[École Polytechnique de Montréal]:http://www.polymtl.ca/

[Prof. Giovanni Beltrame]:http://www.professeurs.polymtl.ca/giovanni.beltrame/


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