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Installation and Usage

Description: Install Caster sotfware with ROS kinetic

Keywords: iquotient-robotics Caster

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

This tutorial mainly includes installation and usage, following this tutorial and you will be able to use Caster. This will be helpful in your development.


1. Download the github package

cd ~/catkin_ws/src
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/I-Quotient-Robotics/caster_ros/master/caster_desktop_install.sh | sh

2. Compile

cd .. || catkin_make


Network Information

Network info

Network segment

Device List






Hokuyo LX-20


External Device Settings



Subnet mask

Network Connections

Now we need a Ubuntu computer with ROS Kinetic, called external PC. Refer to the network information section above, setting the IP address of the external PC, and connecting the network cable to the chassis switch.

Test Network

1. Ping IP address


2. Using domain name

ping caster-pc.local

Setup External PC

Following these steps to complete the link and restarting the terminal´╝Ä

echo 'export ROS_MASTER_URI="http://caster-pc.local:11311"' >> ~/.bashrc

Startup with ROS

1. Login Caster PC using SSH.

2. Start base control program on caster pc.

roslaunch caster_base base.launch

3. Start ROS diagnostic monitor on external PC.

rosrun rqt_runtime_monitor rqt_runtime_monitor

4. Use rviz to view Caster sensor information on external PC.

roslaunch caster_viz display.launch type:=view

Joystick Control

Joystick Function Definition

See github wiki Definition


1. Start up Caster's ROS function and connecting the joystick to the external PC.

2. On external PC, run the following command to start Caster's joystick control program

roslaunch caster_teleop teleop.launch

3. Control Caster according to the definition of joystick function.

Create Map

1. Run gmapping in Caster-PC.

roslaunch caster_navigation gmapping.launch

2. In the external PC, run the following command to view the gmapping.

roslaunch caster_viz display.launch type:=gmapping

3. Start joystick Control, Moving Caster to finish gmapping, login Caster-PC and run the following command to save the map.

roscd caster_navigation/map
rosrun map_server map_saver -f [map name]

1. run the following command to start navigation on Caster-PC

roslaunch caster_navigation navigation.launch map_file:=$(rospack find caster_base)/map/home.yaml

Using the map_file parameter to load the map, such as home.yaml.

2. In the external PC, run rviz with navigation config

roslaunch caster_viz display.launch type:=navigation

3.In rviz, setting the initial position of the robot and giving a goal.

Auto Charge

1. Start the navigation, set the initial position and dock position correctly.

2. run the following command to start the automatic charging

roslaunch caster_app caster_app.launch

3. Press START button on the joystick to start auto charge process. Press BACK button on the joystick if you want undock the robot.

Note: Do not use navigation when caster is on charging. Make sure Caster is properly undocked when using navigation.

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