PR2 Cradlepoint SSH Port forwarding

ssh prl -L 8080:

http://localhost:8080 will now be redirected to on PRL

Grab packets going to a specific IP

tcpdump -i lan0 dst -n -X -c1

Get quadrotor running

Pair an ardrone with a robot

iwconfig ath0 mode managed essid prlLAN; iwconfig ath0 channel 3; ifconfig ath0 netmask up; route add default gw

See this post:

Pair with willow:

iwconfig ath0 mode managed essid willow; iwconfig ath0 channel 11; ifconfig ath0 netmask up; route add default gw

Figure out the channel by Scanning Wifi:

iwlist ath0 scan

Access point near Tully's Office is


Get the code

hg clone

or grab it off of PRO:

scp pro:/u/vpradeep/overlay/ardrone [DEST]

or run it from my home directory

source /opt/ros/diamondback/setup.bash
source /u/vpradeep/ros_overlays/ardrone/setup.bash

Running the code

roscd ardrone_brown
rosrun ardrone_brown ardrone_driver -ardrone_ip=

Start the teleop code in another window

roslaunch ardrone_teleop quadrotor.launch

fw1 DHCP Leases: http://fw1/cgi-bin/dhcp/

serial console

FTDI Docs:


  • prbase2 (pro)

  • prbase3 (pri, prn)

  • prbase4 (prk, prl,. prm)

  • axx (pr10*)


  • On Robot: /hwlog

  • On Basestation: /home/hwlog

  • On WG Servers: /wg/wgss0_shelf5/bags/hwlogs/ & /wg/wgss0_shelf4/hwlogs/001517c0137f/new



Run a command with backticks on every bagfile in a folder

find -type f -name "*.bag" -exec bash -c 'echo {} $(basename {})' \;


Description of all the special makefile characters

Debugging Shared Libraries

Determine an so's realname:

  • objdump -p [] | grep SONAME

Determine an executable's rpath (it is stored in the 'Dynamic Section' of the binary):

  • readelf -d [binary_name]


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