Reviewer: Caroline

  1. The package page calls the node "calibrationnode" while the stereo and mono tutorials call it "cal". One of them needs to be fixed.
  2. The stereo and mono calibration tutorials don't mention the exact size of the checkerboard (which is hard-coded into the node).
  3. The stereo and mono tutorials don't give any guidelines for deciding if a calibration is acceptable.
  4. The mono calibration and stereo calibration tutorials have pictures of different interfaces (the "done" vs "calibrate" buttons, the alpha slider, etc).
  5. In the code API, there should be separate example usage for the stereo and mono cases.
  6. The python API is curious:

  7. The package page should mention that this is just a nice wrapper of the OpenCV calibration tools.
  8. On the package page, either discuss how to use the GUI or point to the correct tutorials.
  9. When should/shouldn't I use this GUI?
  10. What should I do if my calibration is bad?

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