This page is for planning for Electric Emys.

Integration notes

  • pr2_doors pulled due to eigen3 issues
  • wg_robots_gazebo pulled due to pr2_doors dep

Updates for core system

  • rosbuild2 prototype
  • source rosdeps (required for rosbuild2, easier multi-platform support)
    • test cases (openni drivers and
  • unary stacks

    • Test cases stage(wrapper example)
  • Remove ros::Message inheritance


  • rosjava, ROS on Android

  • rosserial, aka ROS on Arduino

  • multimaster_experimental, app_manager


  • New toolchain for pushing non-ROS debian packages into ROS repository
  • (?) distro-specific indexing (partial support, e.g. roslocate)

Other updates

Documentation reviews

1.0 Stacks

New stacks

Stacks requiring update

  • ROS tutorials (vet for old syntax)
  • common
  • tf (check tutorials)
  • smach (tutorials incomplete)
  • pr2_controllers
  • mechanism_controllers
  • pr2_simulator (tutorial clean up)
  • cv_bridge (tutorial clean up)
  • visualization (interactive markers)

  • review open questions about tutorials:

  • all released stacks should look at their open questions on

Potential additions

  • update stack/package header to include visual distinction between a released and unreleased stack


  • dynamic_reconfigure: support for groups
  • debug flag stripping <<Ticket(ros 3365)>>

  • automation for add your repository to the ROS ecosystem
  • Gazebo 1.0
  • simulator_gazebo: Modify ROS to match new Gazebo 1.0 API. This will entail changes to urdf2gazebo, gazebo_plugins, gazebo_msgs, gazebo_worlds

  • pr2_simulator: Modify pr2_gazebo, pr2_gazebo_plugins, pr2_examples_gazebo to match new Gazebo 1.0 API.

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