Arm cross-compilation works with pretty much any arm toolchain. There are not too many specific instructions necessary.


Todo : list of confirmed cross-compiled packages.


The usual eros guides:


The following are a list of guides written pre-eros that may be more or less useful to those developing on arm.

  • nokian900 : not cross-compiling, but details an ros install w/ maemo (SebastienLelong - ???).

  • gumros - original guide for users putting ros on a gumstick.

  • gumstix-ubuntu : uses ubuntu to do the system build and natively compiles ros (SebastianHaug - Bosch).

  • gumstix-ubuntu-qemu : rough guide on using qemu to do a gumstix install (Cedric.Pradalier).

  • nao - gumros style instructions for the nao robots (Daniel Maier).

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