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Package Summary

evarobot_minimu9 provides roll, pitch and yaw values of IMU sensor on Evarobot



evarobot_minimu9 reads IMU sensor on the Evarobot and publishes roll, pitch and yaw values.

Published Topics

imu_data (sensor_msgs/Imu)
  • IMU sensor data.


~i2cDevice (string, default: /dev/i2c-1)

  • Driver path of i2c which is used by imu.
~topicName (string, default: imu_data)
  • Name of publisher topic.
~frame_id (string, default: sensor/imu_link)
  • Frame id of the sensor.
~alwaysOn (bool, default: true)
  • if false, it doesn't publish data until a node subscribes.
~frequency (double, default: 10.0)
  • Maximum frequency of the node loop.

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