ROS for Human-Robot Interaction

As of Mar 2022, this documentation page is in very early stage!

We are actively working on expanding the documentation (including Tutorials) ahead of the formal 'launch' of the framework, Fall 2022. For now, the documentation is very sparse.

ROS for Human-Robot Interaction (or ROS4HRI) is an umbrella for all the ROS packages, conventions and tools that help developing interactive robots with ROS.


ROS4HRI conventions

The ROS REP-155 defines a set of topics, naming conventions, frames that are important for HRI application.

'ROS4HRI'-compatibility means conformance to that REP:

Common ROS packages

  • hri_msgs: base ROS messages for Human-Robot Interaction

  • human_description: a parametric kinematic model of a human, in URDF format

  • libhri: a C++ library to easily access human-related topics

  • hri_rviz: a collection of RViz plugins to visualise faces, facial landmarks, 3D kinematic models...

Specialized ROS packages

Feel free to add your own packages to this list, as long as they implement the REP-155.

Face detection, recognition, analysis

  • hri_face_detect: a Google MediaPipe-based multi-people face detector.

    • Supports:
    • facial landmarks
    • 3D head pose estimation
    • 30+ FPS on CPU only

Body tracking, gesture recognition

  • hri_fullbody: a Google MediaPipe-based 3D full-body pose estimator

    • Supports:
    • 2D and 3D pose estimation of a single person (multiple person pose estimation possible with an external body detector)
    • facial landmarks
    • optionally, can use registered depth information to improve 3D pose estimation

Voice processing, speech, dialogue understanding

Whole person analysis

Group interactions, gaze behaviour


  1. Installation of a ROS4HRI environment

    This tutorial will take you through the steps to install a working 'ROS4HRI' sandbox environment to explore the framework

  2. Getting Started with ROS4HRI

    Covers the basic concepts of ROS4HRI, and build a simple human perception pipeline, with face and body detection

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