1.1.0 (2010-05-10)


  • Better error output on failure, particularly when a file cannot be opened.
  • Catch YAML parsing exceptions and return false. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3922)>>


  • Fixed crash if Subscriber fails to load a plugin. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3957)>>

  • CameraSubscriber now subscribes to the correct camera_info topic if the image topic is remapped. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3940)>>

  • Publisher classes remap all published topics if the base topic is remapped. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3652)>>

  • Added image_transport-specific exceptions. Subscriber throws TransportLoadException if it fails to load a plugin.

  • Share class loaders among all publishers and subscribers created with a single ImageTransport instance. Avoids duplicated calls to rospack.

  • Removed deprecated SubscriberFilter methods taking a raw NodeHandle instead of an ImageTransport.

  • Added getDeclaredTransports() method. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3974)>>

  • Added getTransport() method to the subscriber classes, returning the name of the transport actually being used.

  • CameraSubscriber attempts to detect and warn if topics aren't synchronized. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3966)>>

  • Raw transport is no-copy for intraprocess passing. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4015)>>

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