1.4.1 (2011-02-22)

  • camera_info_manager

    • Wrap in camera_info_manager namespace for interface consistency. Still supports global CameraInfoManager class for backwards compatibility (to be deprecated in a future release). Fixes <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4760)>>.

1.4.0 (2011-01-28)

This summarizes important new features and changes since C Turtle (1.2.x series). For a complete list of changes including bug fixes, see the 1.3.x changelists.

  • Compatibility with REP 104, specifying updates to the sensor_msgs/CameraInfo message.

    • polled_camera

      • GetPolledImage service now lets the caller specify binning and returns an informative message in case of failure.

    • camera_calibration_parsers

      • YAML parser handles arbitrary distortion models.
      • Videre INI format only supports the plumb bob distortion model, and is considered legacy. Use YAML instead in new code.
  • camera_info_manager

    • Moved to this stack from camera_drivers.

    • Added support for URLs beginning with "package://".

  • image_transport

    • Changed parameter lookup behavior in plugins to support dynamic_reconfigure. Publisher parameters are now expected to live in the namespace <base topic>/<transport name>, e.g. /my_camera/image_rect/compressed. Subscriber parameters live (by default) in the namespace <node name>/<transport name>, e.g. /my_node/compressed.

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