1.6.1 (2011-12-05)

  • camera_calibration_parsers

    • writeCalibration() now returns false if file could not be opened for writing (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 5010)>>).

  • image_transport

    • Pushed sync warnings into ros.image_transport.sync so they can be suppressed independently.

1.6.0 (2011-08-10)

Changes since 1.4 release:

  • camera_info_manager

    • Use boost::mutex and not boost::recursive_mutex for serialization.

    • Fix namespace scope, needed for Doxygen output.
    • Deprecate use of global CameraInfoManager class name (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 4786)>>).

    • Allow mixed case in URL tags, e.g. "File:///" as well as "file:///" (<<Ticket(ros-pkg 4761)>>).

    • Implement API enhancements for Electric Emys.

  • camera_calibration_parsers: added ros/console.h include

  • Electric updates:
    • Ported off of yaml_cpp package to rosdep instead
    • Fixed image_transport for ros::Message removal

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