1.2.2 (2010-11-22)

  • Added ros_comm dependency.
  • sicktoolbox_wrapper

    • Applied patch from #4290:
      • Added support for LMSFast.
      • Separates partial scans into two separate messages in interlaced modes.
      • Corrected angle_min and angle_max to be +-90 degrees in 100 degree mode.
      • Corrected computation of time_increment (used to assume that it was scan_time divided by number of samples).
        • Adjusted the timestamp that is applied to messages. Used to use arrival time of last sample from previous scan. Now uses end time of current scan minus half a period. The new method will avoid startup glitches, but so far there has been no experimental verification of which one is more accurate in general, as the last sample could arrive any time between when it is taken, and when the full scan completes, and possibly even later. This can get adjusted if somebody has experimental data on the timing of data arrival relative to scanning.

1.2.1 (2010-08-30

  • hokuyo_node

    • Rearranged IO code to work on MacOS. (#3826)
    • Now no longer ignores SIGHUP, instead, the tty the laser is on is opened with O_NOCTTY.

1.2.0 (2010-04-10)

Major changes since 1.0 release:

  • sicktoolbox_wrapper

    • Added ~angle and ~resolution parameters to allow the scan range and resolution to be set.

  • hokuyo_node

    • Added a getFirmwareVersion tool so that scripts can verify the firmware version on a laser.

    • Added angular version-dependent range limits for UTM-30LX in intensity mode to avoid getting incorrect data or crashing. Added an allow_unsafe_settings parameter to disable these limits.

Changes since last 1.1.x release:

  • hokuyo_node

    • Fixed the linker export in the manifest.
    • Now blocks SIGHUP in the C++ library. This avoids problems when run without a controlling tty, and the Hokuyo is unplugged.
    • Increased the max_safe_angular_range for 1.16.0 firmware.
    • Corrected the console message in getFirmwareVersion.

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