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Getting started pcl with ros

Description: This tutorial discusses installation of downloading and installing openni drivers, openni_launch and getting started.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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1.Download openni drivers to work with xbox kinect

2.unzip it with command

$  tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz

3.Install openni drivers using the command in the parent directory of unzipped file

$  sudo ./

4.Install openni_launch

$  sudo apt-get install ros-<rosdistro>-openni-launch

5. Run openni_launch using the command

$  roslaunch openni_launch openni.launch depth_registration:=true

6. The topics which we deal with are

   topic                         type            description
/camera/depth/points             pointCloud2     only cloud of points
/camera/depth_registered/points  pointCloud2     point cloud with rgb colors

7.visualising the cloud in rviz

$  rosrun rviz rviz

8. In rviz to visualise pointcloud with rgb colors

fixed_frame: /camera_link
add PointCloud2 with topic as /camera/depth_registered/points


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