1. download structural inspection planner source code


2. after running

roslaunch koptplanner hoaHakanaia.launch
rosrun request hoaHakanaia

3.it logs the path to the file below


4. you can visualize path and mesh using the files in matlab

request/visualization/inspectionPathVisualization.m  %matlab code for visualization
request/visualization/inspectionScenario.m   % path and mesh data

5.Planning code is found at:


Changing number of traingles in the mesh

1. download ACVD : Surface Mesh Coarsening and Resampling zip file from the website


2. unzip and go to it's directory,

NOTE:copy your stl or obj or ply mesh file here

/.ACVD <yourmeshfilename.ext>

3. It will ask for

Number of vertices ? your expected no of vertices
Gradation ? 1

4. output is stored in ply format with name output_1.ply

5. converting ply to stl file, go to the link given below


or you can use meshlab

Editing configuration file of inspection planner

1. As the range can be changed in the plan.cpp file

tri_t::setParam(req.incidenceAngle, req.minDist, req.maxDist); //change the params


Changing facets direction

By changing the direction of the facets you could generate the way-points inside the model also.

1. open meshlab

2. load the original mesh

3. Filters -> Normals, Curvature and Orientation -> Invert Faces Normals -> Apply

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