1.6.6 (forthcoming)

  • amcl:

    • added periodic warning when no scans are received <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5209)>>

    • check that initial pose is in the map frame <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5148)>>

    • check for NANs on initial pose loaded from param server <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5239)>>

    • fix segfault when a new map is provided <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5202)>>

  • move_base

    • Exit with non-zero exit code if planners fail to load on startup, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5230)>>.

  • costmap_2d

    • Throttle warnings about missing robot pose, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5319)>>.

1.6.5 (2011-10-26)

  • navigation: Fixing a number of improper uses of boost::mutex::scoped_lock.

1.6.4 (2011-09-28)

  • costmap_2d: Fixed a bug where reconfiguring the inflation radius on a costmap could cause the static map to be cleared out.

  • costmap_2d: Fixed a bug where using a circular robot would only work the first time the navigation stack was launched.

1.6.3 (2011-09-07)

  • amcl: Applied a patch from Javier Correa Villanueva to improve AMCL's uniform sampling.

  • navfn: Fixes to allow navfn to compile on Fedora.

1.6.2 (2011-08-31)

  • navigation: Added a bit more in the way of debugging prints.

  • costmap_2d: Fixed a bug with how the footprint parameter is loaded with the new dynamic_reconfigure setup.

  • move_base: Fixed a bug with how the global and local planners swap plans.

  • navigation: Fixed a number of bugs with dynamic_reconfigure support.

  • move_base: Fixed a bug where the threaded planner could hang, keeping move_base from aborting properly, among other things.

1.6.1 (2011-08-11)

  • move_base: No longer dies if dynamic reconfigure attempts to load a non-existent planner

  • costmap_2d: When the map is changed to a static_map the old parameters are saved and restored when staatic_map is turned off

  • costmap_2d: Is now more verbose about footprint errors

1.6.0 (2011-07-18)

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