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Package Summary

Bring-up the dcm driver to control Pepper

Package Summary

Bring-up the dcm driver to control Pepper

Package Summary

Bring-up the dcm driver to control Pepper

DCM Bringup for Pepper robot

The package contains launch and configuration files required to bring the robot's DCM Driver up and start the robot controllers. The package allows to control a robot from ROS, while communicating with Naoqi. You can control the robot either by calling DCM commands or ALMotion (by default).


  • install dependencies

sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-pepper-robot ros-indigo-pepper-meshes


How to use it

Trajectory control

  • start the DCM bringup providing the IP of your robot

roslaunch pepper_dcm_bringup pepper_bringup.launch robot_ip:=<ROBOT_IP>
  • start Naoqi Driver (to get the odom frame) proving your robot's IP

roslaunch naoqi_driver naoqi_driver.launch nao_ip:=<ROBOT_IP>

Control via MoveIt

  • start MoveIt! to control the robot via GUI

roslaunch pepper_moveit_config moveit_planner.launch
  • check "Allow approximate IK solutions"
  • control a planning_group via an interactive marker

Control via Actionlib

  • you can send a trajectory to the desired controller (actionlib)

rosrun actionlib <name of the goal topic of the action server>


rosrun actionlib /pepper_dcm/LeftArm_controller/follow_joint_trajectory/goal

To choose the controllers you want to load, modify pepper_control/launch/pepper_control_trajectory.launch. The list of implemented controllers, you can find in pepper_control/config/pepper_trajectory_control.yaml. You can start and stop the ros-controllers using the rqt plugin ControllerManager.

Position control

To command joints positions via ROS:

  • start the DCM bringup proving your robot's IP (be aware that the package will stop Autonomous Life on your robot):

roslaunch pepper_dcm_bringup pepper_dcm_bringup_position.launch robot_ip:=<ROBOT_IP>
  • send a position to the desired controller, for example

rostopic pub /pepper_dcm/HeadYaw_position_controller/command std_msgs/Float64 "data: 1"

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