Errors when using pr2_power_board

Error: Power board "stuck" in standby

Is the wireless estop in RunStop?

  • The display will look like below



  • Is the wireless RunStop (the yellow OMNEX box) in the vacinity of the robot? ( In the same room)

    • If not find it and bring it into the room, it may be out of range.
  • Is the wireless RunStop working and with a yellow light flashing next to the start button?

    • If not press start
    • If the light does not blink after you press start
      • Replace the batteries.

Is the RunStop button pressed?

The display will look like below.



  • Is the RunStop button pushed in? (It's the big red button on the back.)

    • Twist the button to put in run mode.

Error: Power board "stuck" in disable

The display will look like below



  • Try pressing the Reset Disable button for the circuit breaker you want on.
    • If Reset Disable doesn't work, contact Curt M., Derek K., or Mike S.

Error: Power board gui comes up empty

The display will look like below.



  • Is the power node running on your robot?
    • Check by running
      rosnode list
    • and see if pr2_power_board is running.
    • If it is not running:
      • Is your ROS_MASTER_URI pointing at the right place?

      • Can you run it manually? On the robot
        rosrun pr2_power_board power_node
        • If it comes up you probably have a problem with your launch script(s). Check to make sure they launch the pr2_power_board power_node correctly. It might look like:
          <!-- Power Board Control Node -->
          <node pkg="pr2_power_board" type="power_node"  respawn="true"/>
      • If you cannot run it manually
        • Make sure it's compiled and try again
        rosmake pr2_power_board

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