1.0.7 (Forthcoming)

1.0.6 (2010-11-24)

1.0.5 (2010-10-20)

  • pr2_computer_monitor

    • No longer enforce clock speeds for c2 CPU's. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4774)>>

  • pr2_bringup

    • Prosilica camera will now respawn. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4776)>>

1.0.4 (2010-10-08)

  • pr2_computer_monitor

    • Adding warning if temp check thread restarted. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4171)>>

    • Make cpu load thresholds parameters. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4641)>>

    • Report usable warning message for CPU Usage. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4640)>>

  • pr2_camera_synchronizer

    • Corrected the max_exposure and period computation for cameras in IgnoreProjector mode to fix <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4339)>>.

    • Corrected the waveforms that are generated for low frame rates; they had been causing some unexpected extra triggerings.
    • Corrected the waveforms so that maximum exposure in alternating mode does not cause textured light to appear in the untextured image streams.
    • Added self-tests that actually check the waveforms for a predetermined set of configurations.
    • Added a tool to plot exposure, trigger and projector waveforms. Useful for debugging and understanding how the cameras are working.

1.0.3 (2010-08-09)

  • pr2_bringup

    • Replace deprecated rosrecord with rosbag <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4611)>>

    • Fixes for pr2_computer_monitor for Stale reporting of CPU temp. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4171)>>

    • Use namespaced versions of multitrigger controllers
    • Set timeout for joint-stuck-warning to 30 seconds. It takes 29 seconds for the spine to calibrate in the worst case. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4425)>>

1.0.2 (2010-07-14)

  • pr2_bringup

    • pr2_computer_monitor nodes now use "c1" or "c2" for computer names. Analyzers file now looks for NTP monitors for both computers. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 3938)>>

    • Diagnostic analyzers now load using C-turtle API. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4526)>>

    • Fix for auto arm selection in calibration
  • pr2_computer_monitor

    • Unused functionality deprecated. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4525)>>

    • hd_monitor.py handles removable hard drives correctly. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4368)>>

    • cpu_monitor.py reads from mpstat correctly. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4539)>>

1.0.1 (2010-06-28)

  • pr2_controller_configuration

    • Add package name to controller plugin namespace. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4469)>>

  • pr2_bringup

    • Show output of pr2_etherCAT on screen. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4369)>>

    • Fix problem where torso holding controller didn't come down. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 4478)>>

1.0.0 (2010-06-11)

  • PR2 calibration
    • Calibration offset is stored on MCBs to maintain calibration state in between runs
    • Robust against missing joints
    • Publish diagnostics information
    • Monitor power state during calibration
    • Fix problem where arms get stuck during calibration
  • Realtime loop
    • Only warn for serious overruns of control loop
  • Controllers
    • New controller gains that allow for much higher precision
    • New base controller that supports damping of caster rotation
  • Camera Synchronizer
    • New tool to plot waveforms

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