This page documents features of the prosilica_camera package that most users will not need, but may be useful to advanced users.

Command-line tools

These work only for an unopened camera (i.e. prosilica_node should not be running).


Outputs the current contents of the camera's non-volatile user memory. This is where prosilica_node saves the camera calibration, so this tool can be used to view the saved calibration, if any.


$ read_memory <IP address>


Overwrites the contents of the camera's non-volatile user memory with the contents of a file. The file must be 512 bytes or less. This tool can be used to upload a set of calibration parameters archived in one of the file formats understood by prosilica_node.

The normal way of setting the calibration is by running camera_calibration.


$ write_memory <IP address> <file>

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