IMPORTANT: This package requires ROS noetic to be installed. For ease of installation, using Ubuntu 20.04 is recommended.


Install Eigen

Download eigen version 3.4.0, open the folder in a terminal, then copy the source files in /usr/local/include:

sudo cp -r -t /usr/local/include/ Eigen/ unsupported/

Install Boost

If not already installed, run:

sudo apt install libboost-dev

Install python dependencies

Install pip3 package manager:

sudo apt install python3-pip

Then use it install the following packages:

pip3 install rospkg dataclasses scipy numpy pyqtgraph pyserial

Setting up your workspace

If you have never installed another ROS package before, you need to create a catkin workspace and setup your shell:

mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws/src
cd ~/catkin_ws/
echo "source ~/catkin_ws/devel/" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

Note: If you use another shell (like zsh for example), modify the last two lines accordingly (modifying .zshrc for example)

Install ROS packages

Clone or download repositories in your catkin workspace (usually ~/catkin_ws/src if you followed the ROS tutorials), then compile them:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src
git clone
git clone -b noetic-devel
cd ~/catkin_ws
source ~/.bashrc # Modify depending on your shell
rqt --force-discover # Then close the windows

Configure your local GUI file with your local path

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/real_time_simulator
sed -i 's/username/'"$USER"'/g' GUI/rocket_GUI.perspective

Then stop tracking this file to keep your personal change to the GUI local:

git update-index --assume-unchanged GUI/rocket_GUI.perspective

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