Only released in EOL distros:  


Contains ROS message definitions for communicating between RobotIQ Hand EtherCAT driver and the ROS.


  • RIQHandCommand : Used for sending commands to RobotIQ EtherCAT driver
  • RIQHandState : State of RobotIQ Hand from EtherCAT driver
    • RIQActuatorState : Part of RIQHandState. RobotIQ hand has 4 actuators.


(Nov 9 2011) : There is discussion about creating a standard interface to the Robotiq Adaptive Gripper using a ROS Action interface of using ROS topics. Part of the motivation is to have stand ROS interface to Adaptive Grippers that are using different communication back-ends (EtherCAT, Modbus, DeviceNet, etc...)

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