1.6.5 (Forthcoming)

  • collada_parser

    • Read dynamics info from collada <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5429)>>

    • collada parser fixes with inertial frames and parent_to_joint_origin_transform

1.6.4 (2012-01-06)

  • urdf_interface and urdf_parser and collada_urdf

    • Changed #include <ros/ros.h> to #include <ros/console.h> where possible to remove implicit dependency on roscpp whenever depending on urdf_interface

  • collada_parser

    • Deal with fixed joints correctly <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5269)>>

    • Ambient color fixes due to rviz bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5237)>>

  • urdf_parser

    • Don't check for existence of mesh files in the parser <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5269)>>

  • colladadom

    • Fix hard-coded boost path in colladadom patch for Mac OS. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5314)>>

1.6.3 (2011-11-02)

  • collada_urdf and kdl_parser

    • Explicitly link with tinyxml. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5211)>>

  • kdl_parser

    • Add warning for when root link has inertia <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5231)>>

1.6.2 (2011-10-28)

  • ivcon

    • Patch by Vincent Rabaud for oneiric - fix math library linking
  • collada_urdf kdl_parser rosdep.yaml

    • Patch by Wiliam Woodall for homebrew osx lion support

1.6.1 (2011-09-06)

  • OS X Lion Homebrew support from wjwwood.
  • collada_parser

    • Patch by William Woodall to fix collada_parser linking problem on OSX. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5138)>>

  • colladadom

    • Patch by William Woodall to make colladadom build on OSX x86_64. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5139)>>

  • urdf

    • Patch by William Woodall to fix urdf linking problem on OSX. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5140)>>

1.6.0 (2011-08-10)

Changes since robot_model 1.4:

  • Major reorganization of the urdf code:
  • resource_retriever:

    • Add Python resource retriever, provided by David Lu. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4951)>>

  • urdf

    • Add missing check_urdf tool that supports both URDF and COLLADA format.
    • Support constructing a C++ URDF model from a Collada description. This API backwards compatible change allows you to replace the xml URDF with an xml Collada file, without modifying any code.
    • Split urdf_parser away from urdf stack.

    • Support multiple <collision> and <visual> for a single link, with optional group name assignments.

  • collada_urdf

    • exporting physics data
  • kdl_parser

    • Support constructing a kdl tree directly from a Collada file
  • robot_state_publisher

    • Support separate publishing of fixed joints, and joints from different joint state messages <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4464)>>

    • Fix publish timing for case with multiple joint state sources <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4464)>>. Patch from Ingo Kresse.

  • Move to rosdep of assimp
  • Move to rosdep of tinyxml

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