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Moving the head

Description: Moving the head using the Pan-Tilt system

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Moving the torso

Controlling the Pan and Tilt Joints

The Pan-Tilt system can be controlled using its position_controllers/JointTrajectoryController. You can send trajectory_msgs::JointTrajectory to the pan_tilt_trajectory_controller/command topic.

For this demonstration we will launch the Armadillo robot in Gazebo:

$ roslaunch robotican_armadillo armadillo.launch gazebo:=true

Now, Lets run the pan-tilt API example node by typing:

$ rosrun robotican_demos pan_tilt_api

This will generate and send a random goal to the pan_tilt_trajectory_controller/command topic.

You can also specify desired joints goals by adding them as arguments to the node (first argument is pan angle and the second is tilt angle):

$ rosrun robotican_demos pan_tilt_api 0.4 -0.9

Play with the angles and watch the pan-tilt system move in the Gazebo window.

Note: Positive values will make the system turn left and down.

The code is available at pan_tilt_api.cpp.

Controlling the head using the PointHead controller

For details on the controller please see the PR2 Moving the Head Tutorial.

The Implementation of the controller for RoboTiCan robots is a bit different and the updated code can be found on: point_head.cpp.

To run the demo after launching the robot run:

$ rosrun robotican_demos point_head 

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