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Description: Robot teleoperation from a joystick or a keyboard

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

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Joystick teleoperation

To run the joystick teleop simply add to the robot launch file joystick:=true.


$ roslaunch robotican_armadillo armadillo.launch gazebo:=true joystick:=true

This command will run the armadillo simulation, and also run the joystick teleop.

By default, the joystick device is /dev/input/js0 but you can select different devices using the joystick_dev argument. For example:

$ roslaunch robotican_armadillo armadillo.launch gazebo:=true joystick:=true joystick_dev:=/dev/input/js1

The joystick can also be used for controlling different actuators of the robot, for example, the joystick can control the Armadillo robot pan-tilt system. The configuration file is located under the config folder of each robot. For example, the configuration file for the Armadillo robot is robotican/robotican_armadillo/config/joystick_teleop.yaml. And the following buttons assignment is:


and the configuration file, joystick_teleop.yaml will have the following parameters:

drive_joy_teleop_linear_axis: 3
drive_joy_teleop_angular_axis: 2
drive_joy_teleop_deadman_button: 7
drive_joy_teleop_linear_max_vel: 0.8
drive_joy_teleop_angular_max_vel: 2.5

Keyboard teleoperation

To use the keyboard for teleoperation, use the rqt_robot_steering tool.

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