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To hydro and beyond!

  1. Standalone App Manager

    Launching and running a standalone app manager with no connections to the outside world.

  2. Pairing Mode

    Launching the robot app manager for pairing through a public master.

  3. Pairing with Androids

    Pairing the robot app manager with android smart phones/tablets.

  4. Customising - Robot Icon

    How to add a custom robot icon to represent your robot in remote applications.

  5. Create a Robot App

    How to create and install a robot application (rapp) for pairing or concert modes.

  6. Create an Android App

    How to create an android app for robot-android pairing.

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Make Your Robot Appable

  1. Install Rocon App Manager

    Installing the rocon_app_platform environment.

  2. Configure Rapp Manager for Robot

    describes how to setup rapp manager for the robot

  3. Bring up Rapp Manager

    describes what happens when you start rapp manager.

  4. Start Rapp via QT Rapp Manager

    shows starting rapps via rocon_qt_app_manager

Rocon URI

  1. Add Your Robot Type

    how to add your own robot type in rocon_uri rule.

  2. Make Your Robot Type Official

    how to add your own robot type in rocon_uri official rule.

Pairing Mode

  1. Pairing

    Launching rapps in tandem with rocon interactions.

  2. Run Interactions with QT Remocon

    shows start interactions via rqt remocon

  3. Run Interactions with Android Remocon

    shows start interactions via android remocon

  4. Run Interactions with Web Remocon

    shows start interactions via web remocon

Android pairing is a common configuration (also used by the TurtleBot). The android pairing tutorials are best viewed within the entire context of the android tutorials.



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