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rqt_graph is the successor of rxgraph.

Topic statistics

New in ROS indigo

roscpp and rospy can measure certain statistics for every topic connection (see Topics for more details. This has to be enabled beforehand through:

$ rosparam set enable_statistics true

After that, rqt_graph will automatically annotate the ROS graph with statistics information.

Note: rqt_graph currently does not automatically update the statistics annotations. You have to hit the Refresh button to update them.


This is an example of rqt_graph with statistics measurement enabled:

ROS graph with statistics annotations


  • "5.0 Hz" indicates the observed publish frequency.
  • // "110.0ms" indicates the average age of the message (might be very large when replaying bag files without simtime).
  • line color: red marks a high average age, green a young age. The limits are normed to the ages observed in the ROS graph.
  • line thickness: A thick line means the connection has a large throughput in Bytes/s (e.g. an unfiltered PointCloud).

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