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rtai_integration: rtai_ros_bridge | rtai_wrapper

Package Summary

This package provides an easy way to interface with RTAI tasks via RTAI mail boxes


This package provides a single node rtai_ros_bridge to interface with an RTAI task. Before running this node one should adopt the sample time and the mailbox names used by the node to the own needs (hardcoded in source).



Node receives data from a mailbox and publishes this data to ROS. Data subscribed from ros is sent into an other mailbox.

Subscribed Topics

data_to_rtai (std_msgs/UInt8MultiArray)
  • This data is directly sent to the mailbox and can then be read by the RTAI task.

Published Topics

data_from_rtai (std_msgs/UInt8MultiArray)
  • Any data sent into the mailbox by the RTAI task is publised on this topic.

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