This shows how to install srs ui loc (srs_ui_loc).

  1. Allow installing apps from unknown sources: Settings->Applications->Unknown sources->check

  2. Copy srs_ui_loc.apk onto the device (Samsung Galaxy SII)
  3. Install it by opening it


After installing the apk file, you will find a new app called "SRS" in your apps list. Start the app and follow these instructions to configure it correctly:

  • Touch the "Settings" button
  • Type in the hostname of the computer running the ROS server (e.g. "cob3-3-pc1")
  • Type in the apartment name (e.g. "ipa-kitchen")
  • Type in the skype user name for the UI_LOC user
  • Type in the skype user password for the UI_LOC user
  • Type in the skype user name used for emergency calls
  • Touch the "Edit etc/hosts file" button
  • add/change entries as necessary (format for each line: "ip-address hostname", e.g. " cob3-3-pc1")
  • Touch "Save" button
  • Touch "Save Settings" button

Note1: You need to scroll on the Settings screen in order to reach all parts of it.
Note2: Type in all necessary configuration data without quotes.


  1. Start srs_scenarios on the computer with the hostname you have configured in Settings

  2. On the same computer, start srs_mixed_reality_server

  3. Start SRS app on device
  4. Change settings if needed as described above
  5. Touch "SRS" button to start UI_LOC
  6. Use buttons provided by UI_LOC to navigate through UI_LOC (soft phone buttons are deactivated)

Note1: The first time you start UI_LOC, there won't be any contacts to call. To change that, you need to restart UI_LOC: in the Main menu (two grey, one red button) open the android menu, choose "Exit" and then touch the "SRS" button again.

Note2: A contact photo is transmitted during the first call to that contact. However, it won't be displayed before restarting UI_LOC. Therefore, in order to have all contact photos, one needs to call all contacts (only ringing them does not work) and then restart UI_LOC. The contact photos will be saved permanently.


To read the phone log or to debug the application (with adb or eclipse), one needs to activate USB debugging: Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging->check.

UI_LOC has been tested on several devices:

Device name

Android version



Samsung Galaxy SII



full support

easypix Easypad 1370



full support

HTC Sense 3.0



full support

Huawei G300



no support at all

HTC Sense 3.6



skype and editing etc/hosts does not work

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