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Installing starmac-ros-pkg

Description: This tutorial provides a guide to installing starmac-ros-pkg and its dependencies

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Once you have installed the software, proceed to starmac-ros-pkg/Tutorials/First Flight

/!\ As with the rest of starmac-ros-pkg this tutorial is currently under development.


Installing dependencies

The installation steps in this section should be performed on both the ground machine and the flyer.

  • Create a directory to store downloaded stacks:

   1 mkdir ~/ros

System Dependencies

The following will (hopefully) pull in all the packages that are required and available as .debs:

   1 sudo apt-get install build-essential ros-diamondback-geometry ros-diamondback-common-msgs ros-diamondback-diagnostics ros-diamondback-camera-drivers ros-diamondback-image-common ros-diamondback-vision-opencv ros-diamondback-joystick-drivers ros-diamondback-roshpit ros-diamondback-perception-pcl ros-diamondback-pr2-controllers ros-diamondback-asctec-drivers

When running rosmake --rosdep-install below, if you end up with errors like:

[rospack] couldn't find dependency [control_toolbox] of [flyer_controller]

...then the above list should be modified to include whatever package you end up having to install. The general steps to figure out what to install can be found at this FAQ entry.

Installing starmac-ros-pkg

First check out the stack:

cd ~/ros
hg clone
cd starmac-ros-pkg
hg update -r version-0.0.1 # switch revisions

Now you can start to compile,

   1 cd ~/ros
   2 rosmake starmac_ground starmac_flyer --rosdep-install

Note that this only compiles the starmac_ground and starmac_flyer stacks and their dependencies (which will include the starmac_common stack). These are the basic stacks required to continue with the next tutorial, which introduces how to fly a quadrotor in simulation.

First Flight

Next: Continue to starmac-ros-pkg/Tutorials/First Flight.

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