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Package Summary

Diagnosis Model Server is an action server that provides diagnosis model of the system. It reads this model from YAML file which is a description of the correct behavior of the robot system. Diagnosis Model description contains three strings AB for Abnormal, NAB for Not Abnormal, neg_prefix for a prefix denoting a negative literal, and two sets each for propositions and rules. Propositions are first order logic sentences while rules use these propositions to define rules.


The diagnosis model server is an action server that provides the diagnosis model. The diagnosis model is stored as a YAML file (similar to XML) and contains five sections: (1) a string that denotes the proposition that represents the AB predicate, (2) the same for ~AB, (3) a string for a prefix denoting a negative literal, (4) a set of all propositions, (5) a set of clauses that defines the diagnosis model.


This node acts like a action server. It takes diagnosis model in yaml file and publishes the model.

Published Topics

/diagnosis_model (tug_ist_diagnosis_msgs/SystemModelResult)
  • It provides system model for the diagnosis.


~model (string, default: "diagnosis_modle.yaml")
  • This parameter gets the model yaml file. It should include complete path if the model exists somewhere outside the package.

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