Package Summary

Provides teleoperation using multi-key input for Turtlesim/Turtlebot3.

ROS Software Maintainer: EngHyu


turtle_teleop_multi_key_preview_1.jpg turtle_teleop_multi_key_preview_2.jpg

This ROS package provides teleoperation using multi-key input for turtlesim/turtlebot3 You can move turtlebot more easily (like game character!)


  • python >=2.7

  • pynput >=1.6.8

Tested at

  • Remote PC
    • Ubuntu 18.04
    • ROS Melodic Morenia
    • python 2.7.17
    • pynput 1.6.8
  • Turtlebot PC
    • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
    • Ubuntu Mate 18.04
    • ROS Melodic Morenia


# in Remote PC
# to teleop turtlebot 3:
roslaunch turtle_teleop turtle_teleop_multi_key.launch

# to teleop turtlesim:
roslaunch turtle_teleop turtle_teleop_multi_key.launch topic_type:=turtlesim



turtle_teleop is released with the MIT License. For full terms and conditions, see the LICENSE file

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