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Download Turtlebot Android Apps from Play Store

Description: Download android apps from Play Store to run turtlebot rapps on your turtlebot via android device

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Android Rocon Remocon for easy interactions with turtlebot in your android device.

Android Rocon Remocon

  • Android rocon remocon provides a way of interaction between android device and turtlebot as described in the Interacting with your Turtlebot tutorial. It has following features.

    • Providing various ways to search turtlebot.
    • Saving the connection information of turtlebot connected previously.
    • Directly link to Play Store for downloading turtlebot android apps when they are not installed.


Android Remocon Download

  • You can download up-to-date version from Play Store rocon remocon in play store

Turtlebot Android Apps Download

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