This page lists changes that were made in the 1.0.x series of visualization (Box Turtle).

1.0.4 (2010-05-11)

  • rviz: Fixed support for the mesh scale attribute in a URDF (r29419)

1.0.3 (2010-04-08)

  • rxbag_plugins

    • Fixed plot_view legend rendering for matplotlib versions above 0.91.2

    • image_view now displays CompressedImage messages

1.0.2 (2010-03-25)

  • rviz

    • LaserScan/PointCloud displays no longer hang rviz for a long time when changing decay time from something large (like 200) to something small (like 2) (#3778, r27595)

    • RobotModel display

      • Now supports Ogre .mesh files (#3789, r27655)
      • No longer crashes when trying to load a mesh type it does not know about (#3787, r27655)
    • TF display quaternion printout is now correct (r27842)

1.0.1 (2010-01-29)

  • rviz

    • Fixed compilation on OSX (#3633, r27157)
    • Now treats images encoded as bayer* as mono, and thus viewable (#3594, r27236)
    • image_view now shows the image topic in the titlebar (#3416, r27237)
    • PointCloud/LaserScan displays now only throw out the individual bad points when a point contains nan/inf instead of the entire cloud (#3623, r27238)

    • Fixed crash on close when a PoseDisplay was loaded (#3629, r27465)

    • Fix CameraDisplay's CameraInfo status so no longer always shows a warning (r27562)

    • Fix PoseDisplay to stay invisible if disabled when time is reset (r27562)

    • Queue render if the target frame changes position/orientation (r27562)
    • Queue render on camera movement in general (dragging w/mouse). Fixes the fact that rviz seems to run slowly when data is not arriving very quickly (in fact it was just not forcing a render) (r27562)
    • MapDisplay

      • Added a "Draw Behind" option which makes you able to see through the map even if it's at full opacity (r27562, r27572)
    • Raised the near clip distance by an order of magnitude -- fixes nasty z-fighting that was happening even when up close (r27562)
    • Focus should no longer ever change out of a property as you are editing it (see wxpropgrid change below)

    • Fixed crash when property dropdown (such as the fixed/target frames) was open (see wxpropgrid change below)

  • wxpropgrid

1.0.0 (2010-01-13)

  • 1.0 Release!
  • Removed use of the now-deprecated tf::remap() function (r26994)

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