1.8.16 (2012-11-26)

  • rviz

    • Fixed bug: Point cloud now accepts uint32 in addition to int32 as rgb field type.

1.8.14 (2012-08-01)

  • rviz

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5509)>>: RobotModelDisplay did not clear statuses when switching tf prefixes.

    • Fixed bug where 'all enabled' property in TFDisplay disappeared the first time you disabled the display, and never came back.
    • Fixed bug in image subscription which caused image topics to stay subscribed even when display was disabled.
    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5475)>>, large meshes didn't render correctly. Now it detects over-sized vertex buffers (>65535) and uses 32-bit index buffers for them.

    • Image reception now lists only transport types whose image-transport plugins can load and which are publishing data.

1.8.13 (2012-06-12)

  • rviz

    • Added support to rviz and image_view for floating point grayscale images (format 32FC1) with automatic dynamic range normalization, based on a patch from Julius Kammerl.

1.8.12 (2012-05-30)

  • rviz

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5453)>>, Ogre texture resources not loaded when using ImageDisplay without VisualizationFrame or VisualizationPanel.

    • Added functions to the Display and SelectionManager API so that displays can be selectively hidden during certain renders.

    • Camera display now uses latest TF for determining camera pose for the rendered overlay instead of using the TF from the time of the latest image.

1.8.11 (2012-04-17)

  • rviz

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5423)>>, view-facing controls misbehave when in multiple views.

1.8.10 (2012-04-12)

  • rviz

    • Fixed a bug in InteractiveMarkerDisplay which only showed up for view-facing controls with move-rotate behavior. Those controls would spin around crazily while being dragged. Now they behave nicely.

1.8.9 (2012-04-09)

  • rviz

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5418)>>, problem when switching a control from "inherit" orientation mode to "fixed" orientation mode.

1.8.8 (2012-04-06)

  • rviz

    • Wrote main doxygen page for rviz.
    • rviz::VisualizationPanel now tells ros::init() *not* to install a SIGINT handler. (Note this is an API class only, it does not affect the rviz executable.)

1.8.7 (2012-04-03)

  • rviz

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5406)>>, saving a screenshot image fails silently if you give a filename with an unsupported (or missing) image format suffix.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5404)>>, in a marker message with mesh_use_embedded_materials = TRUE with a mesh resource which does not *have* embedded materials, it now falls back to the color value in the marker message instead of bright white.

    • Added some functions to the Python bindings for rviz::VisualizationPanel allowing python calls to set the viewpoint.

    • Changed the default topic name for the "Goal" tool from "goal" to "/move_base_simple/goal", which is what it usually needs to be.

1.8.6 (2012-03-19)

  • rviz

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5402)>>, Display order changes were not saved.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5393)>>. Old config files with outdated Display specification show error messages in the Displays panel. Previously they just silently failed. The Electric verison of rviz in visualization 1.6 wrote only the new format but read new AND old formats, so you can use Electric rviz to convert your old files if necessary.

1.8.5 (2012-03-12)

  • rviz

    • Point cloud billboard rending on NVidia graphics cards now uses point sprites instead of geometry shader, which gives a significant speedup.
    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5385)>>. Config files are now consistently written with "." as the decimal separator for floating point numbers. When config files are read in, floating point values are accepted with either "," or "." for the decimal separator. This way config files can be exchanged between locales better.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5366)>>, RViz display config files are now loaded and saved more like documents. When you load a new display config (*.vcg) file from the file menu or the command line option "-d", that file becomes the "current file". When you exit rviz, if there are any unsaved changes to that config, rviz asks if you want to save or abandon your changes. If you choose to save them, they get saved to that same file, not to your "default" display config file. There are now "save config" and "save config as" entries in the file menu, just like in other applications. "Save config" just saves the current configuration to the current file. "Save config as" lets you choose a new file to write to, which then becomes the current file. The rviz main window title now changes to indicate the current file name and the saved/unsaved state (unsaved is shown with a "*").

1.8.4 (2012-03-05)

  • rviz

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5048)>>, crash on bad triangle list marker.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4901)>>, crash on ros-topic subscription exception.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5325)>>, image displays which start out undocked had empty titlebar.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5333)>>, interactive markers did not work in orthographic view.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5377)>>, crash when interactive marker being dragged is removed by interactive marker server.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4265)>>, point cloud boxes now have some fake lighting applied, so you can tell the difference between box tops, sides, and bottoms.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5227)>>, configurable tf::MessageFilter queue sizes for the Display types: PointCloud, PointCloud2, LaserScan, Marker, MarkerArray, Image, and Camera.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5379)>> and <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4279)>>, BadDrawable error during startup. This should make rviz much more usable on machines using Intel graphics chips.

1.8.3 (2012-02-21)

  • rviz

    • Removed rosdep.yaml because the contents have moved to a standard ROS-wide rosdep.yaml file.
    • Added new "help" panel listing key bindings and mouse controls.
    • Point cloud billboard and billboard spheres should now render correctly on ATI graphics cards.

1.8.2 (2012-02-15)

  • rviz

    • Visualization of each link in a RobotModel can now be enabled or disabled independently.

    • RViz's CMakeLists.txt now links OpenGL directly. Was previously done by ogre_tools.

1.8.1 (2012-02-14)

  • rviz

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5327)>>: updating an interactive marker disrupts dragging. This fix allows users of interactive_markers to write interesting new behaviors in which marker controls change during dragging interaction, for instance to indicate viability of a given position. Everything about the controls can be changed: color, shape, mesh, etc. This adds a new requirement that all visualization_msgs/InteractiveMarkerControls within a given visualization_msgs/InteractiveMarker must have unique names. The names will be unique-ified on receipt, but if their order changes they may not line up unless they were originally unique.

    • Fixed ticket <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5346)>>: rviz should save window layouts in *.vcg files along with display properties. The new behavior is that window layouts and saved views (view controller states) are saved in the *.vcg file when "save" is chosen from the menu, and in the ~/.rviz/display_config file on quit.

    • Made point_cloud_point shader program not require fragment shaders, can work when only vertex shaders are available from graphics card.
    • Added more Doxygen comments to visualization_manager.h
    • Saving of screenshots now works reliably at any window size and includes a nice preview window.
    • Fixed coloring of properties with sub-properties which would sometimes not have their usual blue color.

1.8.0 (2012-02-02)

  • rviz

    • Added primitive save-image feature.
    • Removed the OGRE_RTT_MODE environment variable (from bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4830)>>), as recent versions of the nvidia drivers seem to have fixed the crash there.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,5359)>>, setting mesh_resource incorrectly in an interactive marker leads to a seg fault.

    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg,4442)>>, pose array and tf and odometry displays need a scale parameter.

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