This page lists changes that were made in the pre-1.0 series of visualization (unstable).

0.5.0 (2010-01-11)

  • Fixed crash when loading old configs that had a top-down orthographic view (r26030, #3358)
  • Fixed Marker display memory leak which caused rviz to constantly increase in memory usage in certain situations (r26166, #3364)
  • Now validates input messages and discards those with nans/infs (r26286, #3360)
  • Fixed "Panels" menu checkboxes to be correct at startup instead of all-checked (r26611)
  • Fixed crash caused by laser scans/point clouds arriving in their separate thread and accidentally causing a GUI change in that thread instead of the GUI thread (r26639, #3422)
  • Added rxbag_plugins which contains message viewer plugins for the rxbag visualization tool

0.4.1 (2009-11-24)

  • Fixed parsing of urdf orientation (patch from #3274, r25660)

0.4 (2009-11-09)

This release is heavily focused on usability, and specifically on being able to easily debug what is going wrong when data is not showing up. The largest change in this regard is the addition of status elements in the Displays tree. These should show you if something is going wrong and attempt to heuristically diagnose what the problem is.

There are also a number of other changes, such as help text for each item in the displays tree, as listed in the changelist below.

  • rviz

    • Removed global/local configs, in favor of a "recently used" submenu (r25306, #2587)
    • There is now a "Global Status" top-level item which will show global problems such as the Fixed Frame not existing, or there being no transform between the Target and Fixed frames.
    • The target frame can now be set to <Fixed Frame>, and this is now the default.

    • Displays Panel: added a help box at the bottom which shows help about each property in the grid when the property is selected
    • All Displays
      • Enabled checkbox is now directly next to the display name, and is accessible even if the display's tree is collapsed
      • Every built-in display now has a set of statuses, which should help determine what is going on if something is wrong.
      • Color of the display in the tree is now based on the status, which can be one of: Error, Warning, OK, Disabled
    • Displays from non-loaded plugins are no longer shown in the "Add Display" dialog.
    • Axes and Grid Displays

      • New "Reference Frame" property which allows you to specify which frame they should be attached to
    • Point Cloud and Laser Scan Displays

      • Options which are not applicable are now hidden
    • Camera Display

      • Now shows "No Image" if no image has been received
      • Fixed rgb/bgr swapped display
    • TF Display

      • Update rate now defaults to 0 (every update cycle)
    • Robot Model Display

      • Update rate now defaults to 0 (every update cycle)
      • Fixed texture loading (r25517)
    • Marker Display

      • Can now enable/disable individual namespaces
    • Compilation fixes for gcc 4.4
    • Internal changes
      • Cache TF transforms so that anything attached to a transform can do a fast lookup if some component has already looked up that transform
  • wxpropgrid

0.3 (2009-10-06)

  • rviz

    • Map Display
      • Fixed crash on intel GPUs (or any GPU which does not support textures larger than 2048 on a side), by downsampling the texture (r24102)
      • Changed from a service to a topic, now that map_server/gmapping latch on to the "map" topic (r24952)
    • Added a splash screen and config loading progress bars
    • UI should now stay usable when rendering has become slow
    • Added help menu, which currently just points to the rviz wiki page
    • Added "Tool Properties" panel
    • "Set Goal" and "Set Pose" have been renamed "2D Nav Goal" and "2D Pose Estimate" respectively
    • Goal/Pose tools can now have the topic they broadcast on set in the "Tool Properties" panel
    • Point Clouds/Laser Scans without any displayable channels will now color by the "Max Color" value (previously would stay black) (r24165)
    • New Pose display, which displays geometry_msgs/PoseStamped messages

    • PoseArray display now supports full 3D poses

    • Fixed a crash when deleting and then re-adding a Robot Model display (r24460)
    • Camera Display
      • Fixed erroneously transforming the camera's pose to the latest TF data, instead transforming to the timestamp from the most recent image
      • Only render when there is a new image available
    • Odometry display: Added a "keep" property, which lets you specify the number of messages to display
    • TF display: fixed tree-item crash when frames reparent (including after a time reset) (r24562, #2809)
    • Renamed displays to match new message names. Old configuration files should still work, and will instantiate the new display.
      • RobotBase2DPose -> Odometry

      • ParticleCloud2D -> PoseArray

    • Laser Scan Display: Corrected use of laser_geometry::LaserProjector to transform directly to the fixed frame. Visible result: more accurate display of scans when the scanner itself is moving (r24681)

    • Switch yaml-cpp dependency to yaml_cpp (r24876)
    • 2D Pose Estimate now sets the frame_id in the geometry_msgs::PoseWithCovarianceStamped header (r24898)

0.2.1 (2009-10-03)

  • Remove vestigial includes of ros/node.h and use of ros::Node::instance() (r24142)

  • Added wrapper functions for loading configs through a VisualizationPanel, to fix qualification (r24027)

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