Wouse Hardware

The current hardware implementation has been through multiple iterations of design and testing with quadriplegic Henry Evans as part of the Robots for Humanity project. At present, the mouse components are mounted to a 3D-printed unit, which is secured to a pair of safety goggles. These goggles may then be worn over-top of normal spectacles. Interested parties may contact phillip.grice@gatech.edu for more information.

Build Instructions

SwiftPoint SM300 Disassembly

Disassembly of the Swiftpoint SM300 wireless laptop mouse. The electronic portion of the SM300 is required for building the Wouse.

Minimally-functional wouse prototype

Instructions for how to produce a minimally functional wouse. This uses only the SwiftPoint mouse components and a pair of safety goggles, and is intended for those who do not have access to a 3D printer.

Adjustable wouse from 3D printed parts (Preferred Method)

Instructions for how to produce a fully adjustable wouse by 3-D printing parts from .stl CAD files (provided).

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