Package Summary

ROS package for yrl series

Yujin Robot

About Yujin LiDAR

YRL series LiDAR is designed to detect objects, measure distances from surroundings and collect data as point clouds. Yujin LiDAR is an optimized solution for indoor mapping, navigation, localization and other applications in a variety of industries including robotics, safety and security.

Supported Hardware

• YRL2-05 (2D, 5m)

Yujin Robot YRL

• YRL2-10 (2D, 10m)

• YRL2-20 (2D, 20m)

• YRL3-05 (3D, 5m)

• YRL3-10 (3D, 10m)

• YRL3-20 (3D, 20m)

Supported Platforms

ROS support is currently available for:

  • ROS Melodic on Ubuntu 18.04

Please note, that basic drivers for Ubuntu 18.04 (wrapped by this ROS package) as well as Windows 10 are available as well including viewer tools.



Publishes the LiDAR point cloud

Published Topics

yrl_cloud (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)
  • LiDAR point cloud

Example Usage


SLAM example 1

SLAM example 2

Obstacle Detection

OD example 1

OD example 2

OD example 3

Further Information

For more details on the YRL series check out the official website:

Available additional information includes among others:

  • User manual
  • Communication protocol specification
  • 2D/3D CAD drawings
  • Product catalog

Report a bug

Use Github to report bugs or request features.

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