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Understanding Service Types

Description: Explains the zeroconf service type formats.

Keywords: zeroconf

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER



Note especially:

  • Each part must start with an underscore, '_'.
  • The second part only allows '_tcp' or _'udp'.

If you blaspheme and do not include the underscores you will...die a horrible death.

Actually, there is a reason lost in time for it. I just can't remember now, but will add it here when I rediscover it.

Common Examples

Zeroconf service types are identified by a string, e.g. some common ones include:


Semi-Official Ros Service Types

Although we're not keeping an official list anywhere (yet), the current ones that are common to test cases include:

  • _ros-master._tcp, _ros-master._udp
  • _concert-master._tcp, _concert-master._udp
  • _app-manager._tcp, _app-manager._udp

We may include some utilities to help translate between these cryptic names and human readable names at some point in the future.

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