Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Understanding Service Types, Publishing a Ros Master with Avahi.
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Discover Ros Masters with Avahi

Description: Illustrates how to discover ros master services with avahi.

Keywords: zeroconf ros master avahi

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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> roslaunch zeroconf_avahi ros_browser.launch

Alternatively, if you want to include it in an already existing launcher:

<include file="$(find zeroconf_avahi)/resources/launch/ros_browser.launch"/>

Topics & Services

This will set up a few topics and services that will be useful for resolving the available ros masters.

  • new_connections, lost_connections : topics that provide up-down status of services in (almost) real time.

  • list_discovered_services : service that returns a list of the currently discovered services.


You can test to make sure you can see ros master services with the avahi command line tools:

> avahi-publish -s "Concert Master" _ros-master._tcp 8888

You should see the discovery node start feeding you with information about your newly published service.

Refer to the notes on service types for an explanation of the cryptic _ros-master._tcp specification.

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