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roswtf will be a core tool for diagnosing issues with a running ROS system. Think of a it as a FAQ implemented with code. It will take in a roslaunch file to analyze and try to find any potential issues with that launch and the configuration. It may also be an online tool that can diagnose a running system. Potential areas of analysis include:

  • network issues: can all machines be pinged? can all machines ping every other machine?
  • package issues: does a package have multiple copies of a binary (which differ from each other). Is it missing any runtime dependencies (roslaunch-deps)?
  • environment issues: are there any suspicious issues with ROS_ROOT, ROS_PACKAGE_PATH, PATH, PYTHONPATH, etc... For example, do there appear to be multiple ROS's referenced in PATH/PYTHONPATH.
  • online analysis: ping all nodes, find any holes in the graph (i.e. publishers/subscribers not connected)
  • rostime: is /use_simtime set but no publisher of time active?
  • are any of the nodes already running? (especially an issue for sensor drivers)?
  • is there an unexpected master already running on any of the machines?
  • ssh key issues - do all the machine credentials actually work?
  • file-system issues - do the required packages exist on all remote machines?

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